On safari in the Middle East (safari dubai)

The United Arab Emirates with its sand dunes and sky scrapers is also home to greenery and natural reserves. From the spectacular Hajar mountain range to the largest zoo in the Middle East, UAE doesn’t fail to provide tourists things to do and see.  The zoo will be opening the world’s largest manmade Safari in the world. With construction underway and most of the groundwork complete, it won’t be long until residents and tourists alike will get to experience the charm of an African safari.

In 1969, Al Ain opened its door to the zoo which hosts a number of animals including the almost extinct white lion and other big cats. The Al Ain Zoo attracts a large number of tourists as its offers excellent breeding conditions as natural shading for the animals. However, the zoo mostly comprises of Arabian antelopes and oryx, eland, gazelle and lechwe. With over 4000 animals spread over 180 species, out of which 30 per cent are endangered.

The 990 acre zoo houses animal enclosures that closely resembles their natural habitat. Visitors can ride a train with open carriages through the zoo to watch the animals. Rashed AlSaedi from the Al Ain Zoo claimed that proper care is been taken of the animals as well as the land. “We have sheltered the animals in a very careful manner, we are also turned arid land into a greener and a much more environment friendly zone,” he said.safari_dubai_sand

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